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To be perfectly honest, our business management software may not suit your company. You may be perfectly happy with what you are using at present, in which case we thank you for your time and you need read no further.

On the other hand our offering may suit your business requirements which means that you and your company may be able to enjoy the many benefits that running the Xsis Business System have brought to organisations such as :-

  • Dalsteel Metals                      
  • Midway Metals
  • Xpress Steels
  • Equinox                         
  • MW Metal Fabrication (Vietnam)
  • Electra Cables                        
  • Macaya Electrical
  • Pyro Sales                              
  • Offshore Motor Yachts
  • Launchin Fashion
  • QRS Electrical
  • Minco-Tech Australia
  • Poli-Film

 At this stage neither of us can know the answer to that question so allow me to outline just some of the key features & benefits our other clients find valuable to them.

  • Written in Australia by a company that's been trading since 1982.
  • It is used in industries such as metal processing – stainless/aluminum, repetitive engineering works, specialist automobile servicing, electrical contracting, electrical wholesale ,computer and electronic sales and service, marine products – boats and parts, electrical cable distribution, industrial and domestic tool sales, mining component manufacturing & exports, and coating and lining of pipes for major projects.
  • Has been written specifically for multi-user and multi-branch operations. No lag, no delay, no lockups. It's quick, it's efficient, it's effective.
  • You get all the modules. No need to decide upfront if you need Works Orders, or the Job System or the CRM. They all get installed and are available to use when your ready.
  • Our clients drive our development. Each and every development in Minder is as result of a clients need. You work predominately in a foreign currency, ok, our recent Asian installation not only required dual language, but fully dual currency. (Not to mention a complete compliance reporting module for government reporting). As a Xsis client, you now have that as well.
    At Xsis we feel that we may have something to offer your organization. Our offer isn't a shrink-wrapped box, it's much more than that, and as such we don't offer demonstration disks or the like.

The Next Step - options

  1. For us to demonstrate our solution we really need to sit down for an hour or two with you and go through the Xsis Business System exploring those issues that relate to your challenges and concerns. We are quite happy to attend your office or, alternatively, we can conduct an initial exploratory demonstration online.
  2. Don't delay, call 1300 303 745 or any of the numbers on our contact page to organize a non-obligation demonstration. We know it will be the best hour you ever spend on your business. Phone Now!

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