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Back Order Review Process

What are you going to do when, alone in the office at 5.30pm, you answer a call from a stroppy customer –why are they always like that - wanting to know the status of an order”?  Where will you start, how many screens will you go to, what are you going to say while listing to the increasingly heavy breathing on the end of the line?

This is where BORP comes in: Back Order review Procedure.

The concept: seven browse displays in one window all linked to a sales order number

·         Sales order browse (and access order if required t write action/diary note or send E-msg)

·         Order-based action notes

·         Order lines on back-order

·         Stock status for the highlighted line item (and access item enquiry if required)

·         Purchases for the highlighted line item

·         Import shipments for the highlighted item

·         Purchase order action notes for the highlighted purchase order

Access both sales and purchase orders from this one window for note recording, order updates, emailing notifications and forwarding of amended orders: all from one window display

Simulate what you currently do, and then review BORP.   Is this beneficial? Is it simplier for those less hands-on in the use of Minder? What would a customer think when the sales person responds almost immediately with status information?  For an order amendment the customer could receive an email together with the order confirmation whilst still on the phone, and the whole process is self documenting.

The linking of these browse displays reflects what we have been doing with close-loop development; seamlessly linking related business components.

Following BORP is one similar – BOLA – driven from item-based sales order lines.

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