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The Sales Centre Approach

The Browse and Query Filter – an example; it applies throughout Xsis

  • Activities initiated from a browse displaying those activities rather than a flat update/enquiry screen with a lookup button.
  • See all of the order-action as it happens
    • For the home branch and/or all branch locations
    • Search-locators by order, account, customer order-number or due date
    • Respond to customer enquires without having to leave the sales order browse
  • Look at all of the invoice/credit transactions surrounding an order without the need for a customer account-lookup
    • Drill-down to the details of each one
    • Email/print a copy invoice from that drill-down enquiry
    • Copy a previous order or a generic order
      • Same customer
      • Another customer
  • Respond to customer enquiries by searching on their order number
    • “I have not received the credit.”
      • “Yes, on 15 September”
    • “Can I have a copy?”
      •     ‘It is on the way!”
  • The browse doubles as an information source, in conjunction with a Query filter button, as illustrated from the Sales Order Entry browse – John’s (Melbourne branch) outstanding sales orders (p.7)
    • Review the  list
    • Select SendTo for a ‘what you see ..’ report or data export.



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