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Link documents

Link electronic documents / files to sales orders, quotes, purchase orders, factory work orders, import and export containers, drawings, Kit/Routes and customer accounts. This provides users seamless access to relevant data. Typical documents and files are: PDF; Word; Excel; and pictures/images.


Simple link examples are:

  • PDF credit applications to a customer’s account
  • Excel costing worksheet to import container/shipment
  • PDF drawings to purchase orders
  • Customer drawings to sales orders/work orders
  • Drawings to Kits/Routes/Bill of Materials
  • Inventory Items with images and documentation
  • Product movement slips for ready identification
  • Product certification / material certificates to batch lots/packs

Once linked the information is viewable from one or more appropriate screen-based procedures. For example images and documents attached to inventory items are viewable from the part itself. They are also viewable from a quote or sales order line item enabling selling to staff to readily access necessary information and, if necessary, simply forward to a customer.










Similarly, inventory images can be auto attached to emailed quotes by a mouse-click.


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