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 Outlook-style calendars are available for individuals but it is the corporate/group/activity integration that opens up event management and selective communication.

In addition calendar-entry generation is available not only by direct entry but as a bi-product of a noting/email procedure without having to open a calendar. An example is NCR (non-conformance report) management which can be used with or without a calendar but not, effectively, without noting; calendar-entry-create is a check-box select from Post note or email message in relation to an NCR.


Typical corporate events suitable for calendars are:

  • Leave schedules
  • Promotional activities
  • Financial reporting and audit requirements
  • NCRs as mentioned
  • Training
  • Booking use of assets/facilities
  • Branch-based event communication managed by the branch
  • Company-wide event communication
  • Corporate projects/activities and time management (use of)

User-group support means group calendar entries can:

  • Be seen just by those who have access to the calendar
  • By those who are members of the group where the entries display in their personal calendar
    • Elective entries where the user has elected to receive or not receive
    • Mandatory

Event communication extends with the ability to assign groups and/or individuals to a calendar event and emailing all assignees from the event.








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