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Sales History

Sales history is, predominately available in interactive browse displays. The data can be query filtered, totaled, and exception printed and/or exported.

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The Sales Centre Approach

The Browse and Query Filter – an example; it applies throughout Xsis

  • Activities initiated from a browse displaying those activities rather than a flat update/enquiry screen with a lookup button.
  • See all of the order-action as it happens
    • For the home branch and/or all branch locations
    • Search-locators by order, account, customer order-number or due date
    • Respond to customer enquires without having to leave the sales order browse

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Trigger Events

A trigger event is a system transaction that alerts us to a pre-defined situation. For example

  • A purchase order delivery but one or more lines are not delivered. The receipt of goods on a purchase order triggers a non-delivered-goods event if some goods
  • are not delivered. Action: Send an email to the designated employees. Contact the customer.
  • The first time a customer buys in a product group. The sales order/invoice is the trigger event. Send an email to the designated employees
    • Inform the sales rep
    • Inform marketing department for customer follow up
    • Distribute safety documentation with hazardous products

If an event does not occur then there is no trigger to initiate a communication. These occurrences are managed by a manual procedure: manually initiated Review

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