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General Features

  • multi-branch / warehouse locations
  • separate branch cost and pricing
  • cost and sell related to a quantity: e.g. price per 100
  • flag non-stocked items as purchase in on sale or manufacture via a work-order
  • flag for lot-control
  • general ledger accounts for sale and cost value  for user control G/L posting
  • build items from kits with auto cost update from the current component average cost
  • serial tracking
  • categorise stock by: product groups;type status;grade; finish
  • link to at least three preferred suppliers (but unlimited if using contract prices)
  • supplier item numbers for use on purchase orders
  • minimum order and carton size if central ordering (rather than branch based)
  • barcode number (used in a derived barcode); these can be allocated sequentially as stock items are added
  • parent code to indicate where the item comes from (e.g. stainless steel sheet comes from a specific coil code; this is used in re-order reporting/tracking origin)
  • open date of a product
  • close date of a product
  • replaced by an item code
  • replaces an item code
  • margin profile for auto generating sell prices using a margin for each price category; the cost base can be average or last
  • auto update sell price upon stock receipt using invoice entry
  • can be used as the output of  of a kit/route or an element
  • price-only items where stock-on-hand is not updated
  • serial number tracking



  • create stocktake runs for a location or item/groups
  • continue transaction processing once a run is created with a snap shots of stock-on-hand and cost (providing a count has been done)
  • create run with count quantity set to nil or current stock-on-hand
  • count entry via edit-in-place on a browse (replace what is there)
  • or by accumulating a count entry (multiple bins for an item)


Stock Transfers:

  • transfer stock between branch/warehouse locations
  • transfer stock  to another code
  • build items from components
  • auto load multiple kit/routes
  • copy facilities for inter-location transfer (copy from/to)
  • sequence numbers assigned to detail lines: change position; insert between lines
  • create transfers and post later: post despatch location content, and receiving branch posts the balance when received
  • average cost an item across all locations
  • process lot control items: pick/allocate; process a bulk item to new elements; auto populate serial references from a bulk code to the new elements; print pack/lot labels
  • pro-rate processing costs to new elements
  • auto-generate new lots for processed elements
  • pro-rata freight content to receiving location items
  • transfer stock to jobs
  • transfer stock out and post to various general ledger codes
  • a variety of transfer forms are available, and can be custom modified
  • create internal processing orders


Stock Receipts:

  • direct entry from supplier invoice ( no purchase order raised)
  • supplier invoice entry from a purchase order
  • delivery docket receipt on a purchase order; the  subsequent invoice is  matched to the delivery docket receipt, and any variance posted to a selected general ledger account
  • an incorrect  delivery docket receipt can be: reverse; reprocessed; or reversed and reprocessed on the supplier's invoice


Stock Re-Order:

  • maintain min/max reorder quantities on branch/warehouse location master
  • auto generate min/max levels based on number of weeks requirement, and selection of past history periods
  • manual pick and enter from a query filtered item browse to create pro-forma order quantities for later auto re-order run
  • auto re-order based on a selection for run-time variables: branch based or consolidated
  • review/print re-order list
  • auto generate purchase orders

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