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Accounts Payable

Supplier  accounts can be customised to address most requirements.

  • Account administration contacts
  • Assign a default purchase contact for purchase references (e.g. purchase order) where the contact numbers and email address are used
  • maintain separate contact details for all of a supplier's contacts
  • default delivery address with the option to have many delivery addresses
  • central invoicing/statements
  • group fields for managing reporting: rep, run;class/group
  • payment requirements (EFT, cheque, account details)
  • Purchase limit in dollars
  • days credit terms if different from the default global setting
  • stop conditions if different to the default global
  • Time or materials supplier (if used in timesheet entry)
  • Security-of-Payments act applies
  • global discount profile to use
  • individual discount profile to use
  • global stock price profile to use
  • individual stock price profile to use
  • account discount
  • settlement discount
  • minimum order value
  • value below which freight is charged
  • value below which a surcharge applies
  • forreign currency purchase

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