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Form changes aim at extending the automation of form production with the increasing demand for customisation by customer/supplier groups or individual
Changes fall into two groups

  • extending check-box select functions whilst maintaining use of a common form or automating a complexity
  • extending form customisation at the customer / supplier group or individual level for
    • memo text fields in headers and footers
    • images being symbols, pictures, certification

The latter uses facilities provided for dual language but opened up for other use; extending their further use is simply achieved.

  • Image/memo file sub-set of the form image/note file  (see below)
  • A report field descriptor file containing records with field descriptor text and header/footer memo fields
  • The above permits a user to change text without having to access a form itself
  • Extension of this would enable format selection based on whether an account sale / cash sale or COD with varying print requirements

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