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Confirming settings and other procedural matters:

  • Feature setting 78 (record 1) enables fields with auto-set toggling between standard quantity and alt quantity
  • = 1 will look to the buy-thickness field (stock master) for the conversion factor
  • = 2 will look to the sell weight field
  • Feature setting 107 (record 1) =1 will populate cost from FOB/FC cost field and vice-versa. The cost toggle also takes into account
  • any alt unit/qty conversion

Form printing:

  • FRB should use an Alt/Qty form
  • There is a special function setting for formulas so they can correctly toggle when selecting foreign currency print.
    • Alt Qty uses the FOB/Fc cost field but it may or may not be a foreign cost. FRB determines this.
    • Eg =AvSell(PMOD:Order,PMOD:Seq,'2',Fcur,0,FormType).
    • This applies to all calc fields as well.


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